Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sour Grunkle

Purchased: Mid-Michigan Compassion Club - $300 an ounce
Genetics: Sour diesel x Grape skunk

Smell: If you've ever smelled the aroma of Chem Dog, this smells exact - with a hint of skunk. Kind of like a bathroom cleaner smell.
Taste: Fantastic, very clean flavor, skunk-like. You can really feel this smoke expand in your lungs.
Type: Sativa dominant
Buzz: A clear cerebral high with a perfect light body load. Very strong high, lasting around 2 hours. (No more than a gram was used)
Overall: I would definitely buy this strain again; if the dank smell and pretty packed crystals don't get to you, the high most certainly will.

More to come...=)


  1. awesome blog. medical marijuana should be legal all over the world :( for those who need it

  2. i personally hate weed, but dont care if other people do it. have fun with it