Law updates/info

 Detroit decision - legalizing marijuana 
November 2nd election, Detroiters will decide. Tim Beck, known for his pro-marijuana style, led a petition drive that aquired nearly 6,000 signatures to get this initiative on the ballot (Thanks dude =) though only 3,895 are required. An ounce and less will be legal on private property. The PD can choose to enforce city law and not arrest anyone with an ounce or less of marijuana, or they can choose to follow state and federal law and arrest them; though fines will not be revenue for the state.  
More to come on this issue in November. =)
^ I'm sure this will pass, and I'm sure the Detroit PD will follow city law. - My opinion.

Drugged driving 
Michigan supreme overturns itself on marijuana metabolites issue 
The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that it is not illegal to drive while have marijuana metabolites in the body - once ruled illegal by a decision in 2006. Marijuana metabolites are not a controlled substance under state law (Then who's the jackass that wanted to make it illegal to drive with them in your body).